Finding the joy in OUR journey

All good things must come to an end

Well, I'm sure by now everyone has heard, but just in case you haven't...we are moving! Yep, Travis was offered a job in the Alpine School District in Utah and after much thought and deliberation we have accepted!! We are very excited for the new chapter in our lives, but also sad about closing this one. We have come to know so many wonderful people in Rexburg and our kids have made such amazing friends I have to keep reminding myself that it's not good-bye, it's see ya later. Travis starts July 1 as the Director of a Special Needs needs school and we are all looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges that face our family! More to come later!

From tHeN til nOw--ApRiL '10

Yes, I know it seems like we've fallen off the map, I myself sometimes wonder if we have. One of my New Years resolutions was to keep current with my blog--obviously I've struggled a bit with this one, BUT since the year is not over, it's not too late!  Instead of going through every little event, we'll go through the months...Enjoy!

Dance in review

Chloe's first year of dance was a success, she loved every minute of it! Here is her year in review:

Newest Family Pictures

Last April we had the opportunity to be "Models" for one of our areas photographers. It was a surprisingly fun experience and everyone really enjoyed getting their inner model on. I think these are my most favorite pictures of my kiddos, the photographer did an excellent job capturing their personalities.

1st Pinewood Derby

April 28, 2010

Jaden was so excited to participate in his first Pine Wood Derby.  Travis took the block of wood to school so he could get some "creative" help from the shop teacher.  After hours of cutting, painting, glossing, drying etc...this was the finished product.

If you know my boys, then you know that everything is a competition!
Although his car didn't win for its speed, it did win for best paint job...maybe next year!

1st Day of School '10

August 25, 2010

I can't believe it, I'm one step closer to being an empty-nester. I know, it's still years away, but still. Chloe started kindergarten this year and now all my kidlets are in school.

Jaden started 4th grade, his last year in elementary school.

Lexie started 6th grade, her last year in middle school.

"I want it back on!"

April 19, 2010

After waiting 6 L O N G weeks, the appointment started with great excitement, and anticipation...

Which quickly turned to nerves and anxiety...

And ended in tears! Yes, tears...and not tears of joy, but tears of dread and fear.

You can't tell by the picture, but Chloe was so upset, I had to put the camera away and wipe away some of the biggest alligator tears I've ever seen. She was absolutely certain that her arm was going to fall right off and she demanded her cast be put back on. Once I convinced her that she could not perform in her upcoming dance recital with a cast on, she gradually settled down--taking if off was more traumatic than getting it put on!